24 August 2015

Celebrating Diversity at Mods VS Rockers Indonesia 2015

This year’s Independence Day was more festive than usual for thousands of bikers who gathered at Wisma Aldiron, Jakarta for the second annual Mods VS Rockers event on Monday, August 17 2015. Not only did they get to celebrate Independence Day together, participants of the event get to demonstrate unity, brotherhood and solidarity with fellow motorists at this year’s event themed "Friendship For All Nation."

Mods and Rockers are subcultures that first emerged in England in the early 60’s. Mods is a youth subculture associated with Ska music, gentleman clothing style and scooters. On the other hand, Rockers is widely known with its greaser style with leather jackets & pompadours, rock 'n' roll music, and the Cafe Racers that they ride. In 1964, major clashes between these two different subcultures occurred throughout the country, causing panic and restlessness amonth the general public. The general public would then label the two subcultures as trouble-makers. Interestingly, the same sense of rejection from the society was what eventually brought the Mods and Rockers together. Since then, the two subcultures often organize events to promote unity among all motorists. 

To open the event, community leaders re-enact how Mods and Rockers first came to peace. Short after, a flag-raising ceremony was also held, where approximately about 8000 visitors from both Mods and Rockers enthusiasts sang the Indonesian national anthem. In addition to games and competitions, participants of the event were also treated with live music performances by top Indonesian bands such as Netral and G-Pluck. Visitors can also enjoy various foods offered by unique food trucks and get the chance to own interesting collectibles for motorcycle enthusiasts.

"We are honored to have the chance to participate in this year's Mods VS Rockers," explained Robby Gozal, PR and Communication Specialist, PT. Piaggio Indonesia. "As the sole principal of Vespa brand in Indonesia, We really hope that each year we have the chance to be involved and support community events that emphasizes unity, brotherhood, and solidarity as fellow riders."

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