19 May 2016

Indonesia Vespa Days 2016

The Celebration of Vespa's 70th Birthday in Indonesia

At the coming of the year 2016, Piaggio Indonesia and Indonesia Vespa Community celebrate 70 years young of Vespa in the event called Indonesia Vespa Days 2016. The annual occasion has been celebrated since 2006 (Vespa's 60th birthday) by the Vespa community in Jakarta and its surrounding area. This year, it was held in collaboration with Indonesia Scooter Fellowship, Bradercute Indonesia, V200 Indonesia, and other Vespa communities, clubs, and fans.

With its slogan, "Still Smooth at Seventy", and this year's Indonesia Vespa Days reflects on the spirit of brotherhood of Vespa fans and lover. In Indonesia Vespa not just scooter brand, but it’s a journey filled with history and already be a part of Indonesia culture.

The sheer size of enthusiasm that was shown by the fans of Vespa in this event did not only come from Jakarta and its surrounding areas, but also all of Indonesia and even South East Asia. Vespa Fans from Sumatera, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to Papua all came together with fans from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. More than 4000 units of Vespa and 6000 visitors flooded the Wisma Aldiron field in South Jakarta,. Everyone joined as one to celebrate their beloved scooter's special day.

Happy birthday Vespa, 70 years young! – See you in Indonesia Vespa Days 2017!

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