10 June 2016

The Wait is Over: Piaggio Indonesia Simultaneously Launches Two Advanced Vespa Scooters

Equipped with I-Get engine Vespa Sprint and Vespa Primavera offer an improved riding experience

Jakarta, PT Piaggio Indonesia (PID) officially launches two new Vespa scooters at Gandaria City, Jakarta. The sporty Vespa Sprint, and classic Vespa Primavera are now available with the most cutting-edge technology in their respective classes. The simultaneous launch of the products is done to respond to the high level of enthusiasm shown by Indonesian scooter-lovers.

Vespa Sprint 150cc and Vespa Primavera 150cc those are available with brand new features. Both Vespa variants are imbued with new electric saddles, USB port, and they come in new color range. In addition, both the new Vespa Sprint and Vespa Primavera are complemented with an up-to-the-minute refined muffler that significantly reduces noise and vibration.

Vespa Sprint was created with a small and lightweight body that is also comfortable and protective, entirely made in steel and characterized by an extremely youthful line, marked by a gritty rectangular headlight. To highlight young and sporty feature of Vespa Sprint, it is available in seven colors, namely: Blu Midnight, Grigio Titanio, Rosso Dragon, Montebianco, Arancio Taormina, and the new colors: Verde Muschio, and Rosso Matt.

Meanwhile, youthful, innovative, technologically groundbreaking, agile and dynamic called Vespa Primavera – is a star in its own time, inheriting all the freshness and joy of living from its predecessor. Vespa Primavera is also incorporating some of the stylistic and technical solutions of Vespa 946, the most prestigious, expensive and technologically advanced model ever conceived in Vespa history. The classic character of the new Vespa Primavera is emphasized in five colors, namely: Blu Midnight, Rosso Dragon, Montebianco, Nero Vulcano and new colors Grigio Seta.

In the same time, PID also launches the all new The new Piaggio Liberty 150cc ABS and Medley 150cc ABS, this is the comeback of Piaggio brand in Indonesia. Piaggio Liberty ABS is an interpretation of the unique personality and distinctive style of Liberty with a contemporary and fresh look. The design combines the highest safety and technology standards, including the ABS (anti-lock braking system) mounted as a standard feature. Designed as a high-wheel scooter symbolizing freedom and independence, with attention to detail, the vehicle structure, size and large wheels give off a stable and safe sensation, even to first-time scooter riders. The rear passenger footrests combine hi-tech with functional elements such as the spacious electronically controlled under-seat compartment and the analogue-digital instruments with LCD display, enhancing comfort during a ride

Meanwhile, Piaggio Medley ABS is an all-new urban city scooter for Italian lovers in Indonesia. The scooter is powered by an electronically fuel injected, liquid-cooled 150cc engine, equipped with dual-channel ABS system and a start and stop function that shuts the engine off at stops to help improve fuel efficiency. As a new segment under the Piaggio Group, Medley achieves the goal of creating a new class of Piaggio’s high-wheeled scooter that combines the benefits of an agile and lightweight scooter with a higher performance high wheel. The scooter offers superior handling with larger diameter wheels, compared to similar scooters in its class, and also designed with double ABS system both in front and rear to maximize braking system and improve safety. It comes with features such as LED daytime running lights, an electronic opening latch, comfortable saddle when riding two-up, and a large under-seat compartment with a 36.2-litre storage space, large enough for two helmets.

Another common theme behind the four new scooters is that they are all equipped with the all-new I-Get (Italian Green Experience Technology) engine. The engine is a result of Piaggio Group’s design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels as its primary objectives. Every aspect of the design, be it size and shape, was aimed at optimizing the efficiency and maximizing performance. The system, which is equipped with electronic injection displacement and three valves to guarantee top execution, has low fuel consumption and emissions (including noise). Each and every one of the new engines' components, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, all the way to the new air filter, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable, and to increase the life of the engine, and high efficiency in all riding conditions.

All four new Piaggio and Vespa scooters are available for viewing at an exhibition called Piaggio City, starting from 23 – 29 May 2016 at Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. Piaggio City is a comprehensive space filled with products from best Italian brands under Piaggio Indonesia: Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, and Aprilia, which was designed to illustrate a hustling and bustling city life within the area of 500m2. Moreover, the exhibition also showcases the latest embodiment of Piaggio Technology: the Wi-Bike. The pedal-assisted bike is complemented with Piaggio electric motor to help its rider to achieve the 25km/h maximum speed. It is an alternative means of transport, which promotes eco-friendliness. In addition, PID also introduces their SNI-licensed Vespa genuine helmets that are available in eight colors. The helmets are available for purchase at Piaggio City, as well as through Purchase Order (PO) system from each dealer. Lastly, visitors of Piaggio City will also be treated to a special promo on all original Vespa and Piaggio accessories.

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