15 June 2015

Thousands of Vespa in Jakarta Mods May Day 2015!

Saturday, 23 May 2015, a roaring sound comes from Vespa scooters has fill up the air in Jakarta that morning. Thousands of Vespa users from various types, regions, and communities, gather around in Lapangan IRTI Monas to participate in one of the most anticipated event for Vespa users in Jakarta, the Jakarta Mods May Day 2015.

The event that was held annually choose the theme "We Are Mods By History" for this year's event. Jakarta Mods May Day has existed since 2008 where the event constantly invite each and every Vespa users from various regions and communities to gather and celebrate the event which is held every May, as well as commemorating the International Labor Day.

More than 6.000 Vespa users participate on the celebration that is originated from the Mods subculture which was first emerge in England in the 1960s. Jakarta Mods May Day is organized by Warriors, a Vespa scooter community based in Jakarta. This year is the seventh time they held the event which makes the Vespas as one of the icons.

The event started with a joint-riding themed "Rolling Thunder" from Taman IRTI Monas to Pantai Carnaval Ancol. Jakarta Mods May Day 2015 also enlivened by music performances, scooter exhibition, Wall of Mods, Jakarta Mods Fashion Show, and Northern Soul Dancer. As the main activity, the event featured a giant Vespa Logo configuration formed from hundreds of Vespa which was specifically made as a form of appreciation to the iconic scooter.

The configuration feels so special with the presence of Marco Noto La Diega - Managing Director of PT Piaggio Indonesia, which is also participated on the event by putting the last Vespa to complete the configuration.

"I feel so honored to have the chance to be a part as well as support this event. I can only see thousands of Vespa from various community gather and demonstrates a great amount of solidarity, brotherhood, and unity. This all can be done by their enthusiasm for Vespa and Piaggio products," said Noto La Diega. We will continue to maintain our relationship, as in line with our commitment to give the best products and services for all Vespa lovers in Indonesia" he added.

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